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About Vera Rodrigues-Rath, the webmaster of this site!


My name is Vera Rodrigues-Rath, I am Brazilian, married, I have a journalist's diploma (Casper Líbero - University in Sao Paulo), and I have one great passion for computer science. I began to construct this site still in Brazil, when I was teaching  Windows (private ) and also making technical services in computers of friends, and at the same time I was disponible for works as journalist (free lancer).

Apropos, I still maintain my residence in Brazil (optional), in São Paulo, Vila Mariana. It is there that my family and most of my Brazilian friends live (some in other cities). As" nuclear family" I have my mother and my brother - my  "dad" (dear father) died in 1981, unfortunately.

For more than 13 years I worked in Bank of Brazil, and after crossing a stressful period, finally I decided to request my exoneration, that was confirmed on May June, 1996. In the reality, to work in a bank was never my "preference", but I confess  that the first years without my job were not easy - I was missing for a while that "old and familiar" routine: waking up early every day, speaking with many people, and perhaps the most important -  receiving my salary all  months. The decision for an autonomic work is not an option very easy.

But it was my decision, and after this, I registered myself  in the journalist's union ("Sindicato dos Jornalistas", in portuguese) as "free lancer", and in the last 5 years I was living of  casual works. And my great interest for computers and Internet was increasing more and more... sometimes is difficult to find the limit between the passion and the addiction...

But my life was not really satisfactory, "something" was missing... And for mystical factors, I was all the time waiting for one event that would change my life... It´s very difficult to explain!

At the end of the year 2000, I was  interested about  German language and I bought some books in order to study this language. And because I write "not so bad" English, I decided to buy one translation program (that translate, for example, English-German and German-English) to try to establish communication by Internet with people of other parts of the world - specially countries of German language. One day, by accident or destiny ("Zufall oder Schicksal???...") I typed an address of one German's site and I entered in a chat room, using my translator program.

It was the time when Stefan appeared in my life! I was writing the phrases in English, and quickly my program translated to German... (with a lot of errors!) This was our beginning. Therefore we began sending  long e-mails  to one another (in english, because my German was so bad... smiling)! During many nights and days, we were writing e-mails... and the phone calls... Stefan began to call me, and we talked  for hours and hours by phone... And without we see us " face the face" (only by photos, also sent by normal post, together with wonderful tapes of italian music and Liedermacher, and naturally ours so important daily e-mails )... one day he invited me to get married. Really, it was so!

What was my surprise! I said during all my life to my family and friends that  I would never get married... And suddenly, an unexpected and lovely invitation... I also spoke  that I would never leave my house, my street, my city... because I had great connection with my "habitat", and  everything that was my "universe" for all my life...  But as Stefan always says,  in this life is necessary some madness (he always remember Alexis Zorbas)... 

Then I decided: or everything or nothing ("alles oder nichts", "ou tudo, ou nada"). Then  the question: why not?... It was the chance to be happy with my great love!

I decided to come, in spite of everything that I have in Brazil, all my past and goods, and I came practically "with the clothes of the body". On April 8, 2001, I arrived at Munich Airport , and for the first time we was looking  directly to the eyes of the other - an unforgettable moment. An unique witness - Stefanie, my "travel partner" in the airplane, "half German - half Brazilian", that  speaks German and Portuguese, and  helped me  with the customs (Zoll). I think she stayed completely surprised - and I didn't say that I was meeting Stefan for the first time, face to face!

And since this historical day in my life, I am  here, together with my Stefan! On August 9 of the same year, we got married (civil marriage), here in Donauwörth, and on November 3, by church, in Plattling, the city where Stefan's mother lives. I have a lot of pictures of this date here in this site, in the link PHOTO ALBUM (photos of marriage).

And before conclude this short resume about our incredible history,  I would like to say that I am happy about my decision and my new condition (married), and the most important: I and Stefan, we really love us!!! And, concerning my professional life, in the future, I plan to work in informatics sector - teaching, making even technical services or construction of Web sites! And it seems that Germany needs people for this kind of work... 


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