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Patrícia Couto Abrantes, Bits & Bytes’s member, and also a great friend!

Photo: Patrícia in Belo Horizonte, in a beautiful condominium located in " Morro do Chapéu"


Patricia is the new member of Bits & Bytes, and it is a difficult mission to write about such person, full  of qualities and rare talents... and also one very great friend, that always motivates me to increase this site. You can access their writings in" Patrícia’s space" (sub-link of Articles & News), but also in" Literature." And you can find her writings or photos  in many other pages already there(for instance, in Nostalgia) or that I will create in the future!

PAT is from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, she lives in the city of Belo Horizonte, she is graduated in Literature ’s university, English teacher and translator.  “Mutant” by nature, for 2 and a half years she studied Psychology and for 1 and a half year Philosophy – one matter  that interests her so much… she is always studying about this subject. “To think about the existence and the essential human values”, I could say that is part of her character. But she is also a very spontaneous and open minded person, and above all… free!!!

Nowadays  Patrícia is English teacher in the GREENWICH school, but she also has other job in  other school (Soma), that has a special course which  prepares  the students for university (this course is normal in Brazil) -  private lessons and translations (Portuguese-English)  are other activities. 

Gemini as the "webmaster" of the site (her birthday is on June, 8), Patrícia is creative, "eternal" unsatisfied about the" status quo", John Lennon’s fan and great admirer of the Buddhist master Dalai Lama. Pat is a little nostalgic and she likes so much  typical music of the years 60 and 70,  a “maniac” for Beatles songs and she frequently says that the music is" the oxygen" of her soul. Intelligent, sensitive and versatile she never maintains " that old concept about everything", (“aquela velha opiniao formada sobre tudo”, in Portuguese), one music’s phrase of one Brazilian composer, Raul Seixas, dead some years ago. 

Her life is also connected with USA, where her mother and brother live, and often she travels to New York in order to visit her dear relatives in North America. The other part of the family lives in Brazil, Belo Horizonte:  her maternal grandmother, her aunt, among others important relatives. Some times, she was living and also working in United States, and I believe that these experiences was very important and valuables in her life. Like me, he also has “two countries”… one point more in common with us!

I would have much more to say about  PAT, but if I would write  here everything that I would like, I would not write “only one”, but perhaps “a thousand pages”... You can know Patrícia better, reading her own writings, poems or looking at her  photos, here in the site.


Text written by Vera Rodrigues-Rath, journalist and Webmaster of the" Bits & Bytes"






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