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Donauwörth, 10 March 2002 - (19 hours and 35 minutes, time of Europe = time
of Brazil + 4 hours) Last update: 15 March,  05:15 AM


And how are you, everything OK? Today I have something very special to talk to you.

At first, I would like to communicate you that I and my husband-boyfriend, my Liebling (in Portuguese - "amado") Stefan, we are crossing one  delicate moment in our lives, but also really important: mein Mann is licentiate for treatment of health. 

Trying to shortly explain to you what happens: Stefan is physics teacher and mathematician (and also  CAD's teacher) in Realschule, here in Donauwörth, a school with 1000 students, and the work for the teachers in these areas has been increasing so much in the last years, because it´s difficult to find physicists and mathematicians that are available  to work as teachers (most opts to work in industries). The work is not only during the period of classes: maybe the more stressful is the "homework", the tests to elaborate and to correct, in case of  groups  with more and more students - in times before each group had approximately 25 students, now the classrooms have around 32-34 students... This means increment of hours worked at home, sometimes hours without sleeping... And these "stress" factors  come out as the external causes of the problem of health of Stefan, that has one kind of "burned-out syndrome". But he is not the only one, many others teachers here in Bayern are suffering similar process.

Finally, now is one moment to stop, and why not to take advantage to rethink our lives?... Why we should be "slaves of the work", and to go "pushing" our lives, that little a little is turning tasteless and senseless? Now it is the moment of a new beginning, of a deep reflection about our future - because in the the crisis a positive aspect exists - the  possibility to change the "status quo." And I would like to say one thing, "as clear as possible": this phase is also one way to approach plus, and not the opposite - as some persons could imagine. Because we understand each other very well, and each day better - and it is exactly in this moments that it´s possible to know how solid can be the relation.

And for who wants to reflect a little about the work and its harmful consequences  for the human being, in the way as it is, it exists published in this site in the link Articles & News anarchical-chaotic's space,,the explosive"Manifest  against the work", with the original in German "Manifest gegen die Arbeit". But the anarchist here is Verinha, not Stefan... laughters... Don't make confusions!

And concerning my brother Dacio's travel , for what I was waiting for long time, unfortunately, at this time, it is not  possible anymore . Independent of our choice, some factors in our lives happen, events that we can't foresee , suddenly, and we can't do anything against this... Now, we will wait till August,   when I and Stefan will travel to Brazil, with the trip totally sponsored by my brother, including visits to the cities  Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro (we are from Sao Paulo)!!! 

Dacio made the best concerning the gift of our marriage (Hochzeit, in German) - this was "super" and it proved to the German people that the "Brazilian's indians" (in portuguese: tupiniquins) are not so poor people.... hahahahhahahah ... only one joke!!!

And we want to thank very much  the solidarity of the Brazilians friends Patrícia (already member of this site) and Sebastião. Thanks!

But my plans  concerning increasing our space more and more continue, because as one great friend said...  "Bits & Bytes" is already incorporated in my person, as well as you can notice, that I am present in each page, trying to stay near as possible of  each one of you. Then, go ahead!!!

The last news of the site, as I wrote in "Jornalist's comments - 2 March" , are several,  countless... a total restructuring and incorporation of links, and many new and beautiful pages of pictures - centralized in Photos Álbum, also  Patricia's space  and the anarchical-chaotic space, etc, etc... The MIDI's downloads page is one total  madness, everything mixed, , but in the future I intend to organize. But in spite of the chaos, you can find a lot of good things there - and in the case it is like to "fish" even, because the music are without title... ahahahahahah

And I have more GIFs to put, more pictures to scan that  will allow me to create new pages, finally... I have many projects. Also in the link "Windows - Tips" (really, computer science) , I continue with my plans to write more, answering the questions of my friends and visitors. And also I intend to  make available in this site many  JavaScript's codes, that, for who doesn't know, it is not an artist of Hollywood... ("and Oscar goes to Mrs... Java Script".... laughters, laughters...)....

My "home page's music", people... I liked it so much that I don't want more to remove! Before I usually was changing... but now, it seems that this MID  incorporated the "spirit" of  Bits & Bytes and I don't plan to changing... What do you think about?

And for moment it´s all ... and it´s very important to us the positive thinking of all you concerning  Stefan's recuperation as soon as possible! 

A great hug and kisses, also of Stefan (it's typical Brazilian's greetings... smile...).

Hot news: I plan to continue updating  this site next days, with many things!!! But... I have many work to do, scan photos and so on! Wait a little bit... smiling...

Verinha Rodrigues-Rath

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