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Donauwörth, 28 April 2002 - (19:10 PM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 5 hours)
Last update: 30/04/02 - 14:00

Hallooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! dear friend! Wie geht’s? How are you, everything OK? 

Well, people, before my travel to Brazil, I’d like to write my last Commentary. Then, my next will be after 26th May, when I’ll come back. Normally, I write at first in Portuguese, and later I make the translation to English. But at this time I am writing 2 different versions: English and Portuguese.

As I wrote in my last Diary, I will departure in next 5th May, and I’ll stay 3 weeks in Brazil, Sao Paulo, to visit my family, friends and also my cat Tico, and I will try to bring him in next trip, together with Stefan, in August. I am missing very much my family (my mother will complete 81 years in July), all my good friends, and I confess: I need to get the fresh air of my country, in order to recuperate my energy. Unfortunately, Stefan can not go with me in my first travel. But in August we will go the both, and he will know finally America and Brazil, his other country!!!

About “homesick” or “Heimweh”, you can read in my last Commentary,(see the links below, to previous articles). This travel will be possible also because my brother Dacio give us as a gift for marriage (Hochzeit Geschenk) 2 tickets go and back “nach Brasilien”!!! Es ist toll, oder nicht? (it’s great, don’t you think so?).

Ich habe ein Problem: Ich schreibe ein wenig Deutsch, ein wenig Englisch (I have one problem, I write a little in English, a little in German... (laughs)...). Because I know that the most part of friends that don’t speak Portuguese and access this page are German friends.... (laughs)…. But it is also possible that people of others parts of the world will read it, then… I need to write in English! And also my Deutsch is so terrible!!!

About the News: in the pages of Roma (Una piccola storia d’Italia), now you can find more 5 photos, in the third page. The photographer is my brother Dacio, and the pictures was taken in his travel to Roma in 1992.

Others pages: Also I have many new GIFs and MIDIs files, already published, and many others that I sent to my Home Page’s provider, in Brazil, but I didn’t construct the pages yet!!! I will put here soon more 213 GIFS, and more 90 MIDIs, some in ZIP format. BUT WAIT, now is not possible to access yet, because I didn’t have time to construct the pages… (laughs)… (read note below, added a posteriori) But it’s possible that I will do it very soon, then check it if you are interested, OK? Normally I put one complement at the end of this page about the news, but sometimes I don’t have time!!!! Also you can see the date of UPDATE above

Attention!!! NOW YOU CAN ACCESS ALL THIS NEW PAGES! Read commentary and numeric analyse at the End of the page!!!

The time that I will stay in Brazil, I will not have very much time to improve Bits & Bytes… Ich glaube KEINE ZEIT!!! (no time enough!!!)

But this site is not exactly (genau) small… (laughs)… you can check the pages already published! You can see the links About us (with translations in English about me and Patrícia, but in the future all articles will have English Versions), About Brazil (really, some articles about Brazil and also my city, Sao Paulo) – only in English, Photo Album (the most beautiful place of this site), GIFs and MIDIs downloads, Literature (until now 2 writings in English), Verinha Hacker (laughs) … in the future I plan to write articles in English also to the link “Windows Tips”, perhaps some codes JavaScript that you can use in home pages, besides some pages about Outlook Express and others Windows programs, including tips about Frontpage (about Linux, KEINE AHNUNG!!! - I don’t have knowledge)… but could be that I will learn also about this program, in future!!! In Articles & News, some articles in Deutsch in Anarchic-chaotic page (nur für Verrückte)!!!. But I repeat: I am the “chaotic” here, not Stefan! I knew Gruppe KRISIS still in Brazil, Stefan never heard about this before! Also in this link (Articles & News) you can find Patricia’s writings (Cantinho de Patrícia), some in English.
And then… wait for more News!!!

Special greetings to you, “Brazilian hugs” with typical slaps in back and one strong handshake (we are more “open people”, like Italians)!!! (Besondere Grüße an Peter and KH, very good friends in Germany!!!)

Verinha Rodrigues-Rath  >>> bis 26th Mai!!!!!!!!!


Then… see you later, alligator!!!!!!!!!

And in the next times, Patrícia (a great Verinha’s friend, English teacher, our translator of Bits & Bytes) will continue to translate my Commentary, and then the English Version will be the same like Portuguese. Nowadays she is very occupied, but soon she will make the translations again!

Excuse me for the mistakes, specially in Deutsch Sprache!!! Is better to try to write, in spite of the errors, than don’t do it, what do you think???

Right on time: You can find already more pages of GIFs (total: 30)  and also the new "package" of Brazilian music (MIDI format) and others songs in ZIP format (ZIP SALAD... (laughs) ...)!!! 

ANALYSE of Bits & Bytes

Folks, our space increases SO much!!!  Do you know how many MIDIs we have in our page? I counted one by one: 329 > 58 Latin music, 56 polkas, 45 Brazilian songs, 14 of John Lennon, 45 ZIP files, and the rest the great chaos!
And concerning GIFs??? I don't know exactly, but we have around (cerca) 700 GIFs in 27 pages and approximately more150 textures in 3 pages!!!... Total: around  850 pictures!!! Can you believe??????????????... and for this I must work... ahahahahahahahah

And... I hope this is my last update till 26th May, when I will come back to Germany!!! 

Then... again... Tchuess, Ciao, bis zurück!!!


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