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Donauwörth, 28 October 2002 - (21:00 PM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 4 hours) 

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Olá, dear friend!!! 

Wie geht's? How are you? Finally, I decided to write my commentary in English. Perhaps I will not write very much, because it's a little late and tomorrow I and Stefan, we will travel for 5 days to Plattling. Excuse me, because I didn't update this page for so long time!!! But my translator, Patrícia is working very much and doesn't have time to translate my pages, then I must do by myself... If you read my Diary in Portuguese (in the last times more frequently updated), you can find sometimes also photos, but... I think is not very easy to understand the text, naturally...

I could try to write in German, for the most part of you (German friends), but I don't do it for 2 reasons: my German is not good, I write with many mistakes of grammar, and  I would like to publish this page also to friends of others countries, then English is the best option.

Now I am very happy because I have my own domain, here, in Germany!!! It's one old dream... And now is reality!!! KEINE WERBUNG... oh, mein Gott... Ich schreibe auf Deutsch... I want to say that here you will not find publicity's banners...  (laughs) I want to write in English, but German comes early in my mind... I confess, in my mind now is a great confusion between German and English...

All the time I try to change my "thinking" to German, and now I think it's really, but also I can not write good German yet, then... Es ist schwierig!!! It´s difficulty!

I plan to do many things in this site... to put more and more photos, to create new links, new pages... and also could be possible that I will increase my old adress with own content. My idea: one site about German language, but written in Portuguese. I don't know yet!!!

ABOUT THE PHOTOS OF BRAZIL: wait, because I sent many photos already to my provider, and now I need to construct the pages, to choose the music, and so on.  We have 199 slides of our travel to Brazil, and I didn't scan all the photos, but the most part of them... It was possible also because now we have one new scanner, that works with slides (Dias) and negatives.

And my brother, Dacio, in Brazil, he will take new photos and will send us by post, because Stefan forgot to take photos of my mother (his mother in law - böse Schwiegermutter) , part of family, old center of Sao Paulo and Paulista avenue, the heart of the city... Stefan will kill me because I write about this... (laughs) But nobody is perfect... ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (it´s a joke)

Other subject: did you see my Guestbook? Es gibt ein Gästebuch in my home page... in English. I am thinking also to put other in German, my own Guestbook, without publicity, but then I will have 2, because Brazilians can not understand Deutsch ... I will think about (try to look at one left link of main page, below)... and PLEASE, SIGN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can write in German, English, Italian, Spanish, doesn't matter! Wurscht!!! I will be very happy!!!


And other notice... Today Brazil has other president: LULA won the election, the opposition's candidate.

LULA, the new president of Brazil - more than 62 % of votes. At any rate, victory of democracy....

And now... I hope the best to my country, in spite of the possible problems with international reputation (and oscilation of bourse, real concerning dollar, etc.). This candidate is "Links" (on the left concerning politics), and he has not diploma, he is not graduate in university, he was a metallurgical operative in a factory. I hope he will prove that theoretical knowledge is not the most important in a government. I hope he will surprise the world, and also the people that didn't believe in his capacity............................. (the vote is secret...)

Really, now I believe Brazil lives a great and  festive moment, in which all hope of the people is concentrated in the new president. We will see... 

Ok, politics is not my speciality, although I'm a journalist. I prefer to write about informatics, about general and personal things... It's my style. I can say that I am a little chaotic and anarchist by nature...  And I am sceptic about organized political groups.

Other matter: unfortunately, we could not bring Tico (my cat, like a son for me) with us, because he disappeared... We was very sad about this fact, and the first week in Brazil was a little terrible because I wanted to find my cat, in all places, near our house, in Sao Paulo... But... what to do???

And... to finish... you can look sometimes in my site if you can find something new. Normally my commentary (English version) is not updated, but you can find new other pages!!!

And... once more...  don't forget to sign my Guestbook, in English oder auf Deutsch (perhaps I will put the German version here - but not today!!!)... when you will have time! I will stay very, very happy about this!!!

And like always... viele Grüße an KH, Peter, Ernest and Elisabeth... oder, in Portugiesisch: abracos e beijos!!! And also for my others friends, naturally.

A strong Brazilian hug!!!!!!!!!!!

See you later, alligator!!!


Verinha Rodrigues-Rath  

(bis nächste mal)


hum... below a  photo specially for you...


Verinha and her 3 computers in our house, in Sao Paulo!!! The great and wonderful Chaos!!! hahahahahah


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