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Donauwörth, 27 July 2002 - (16:00 PM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 5 hours) 


Como vai, tudo bem?... (laughs) ... Meanings: "how are you", in Portuguese. Folks, last times I didn't update this page in English, excuse me! Unfortunately, I must come back after 5 days in Brazil, because Stefan had one urgent problem concerning his health, and it was necessary to go to one hospital, then I could not more stay in Sao Paulo.

And because Patrícia (our translator) last times was very busy with her work, I wrote my last commentaries only in Portuguese. 

Finally, we will go together to Brazil - I and Stefan! People, it's difficulty to me to write only in English, because normally I speak English-Deutsch with Stefan... Must I laugh or cry???

We will departure on next August 8th (Frankfurt airport), and will come back  on September 3th. Besides Sao Paulo, we plan to go to Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro (on weekends).

Certainly Stefan will take many photos, and I will create  new series in our Photo Album! Wait, I think you will like it!!!

Rio de Janeiro, Pao de Acúcar! I am dreaming about Brazil... Wonderful city, CIDADE MARAVILHOSA!!!

At moment, only one great expectative... OK, the most part of time we'll stay in Sao Paulo, the 3th city of the world,  greater than New York, including the small cities in surrounds ("the great Sao Paulo" - a "grande Sao Paulo")!

OK, one picture of my lovely and chaotic city, Paulista avenue at night:


Is it also beautiful, "toll", oder nicht?.... (laughs) ... Other subject: I perceived that usually the people here think about Brazil like the country of carnival, samba, football, and think only about Rio, Amazonas, without knowledge about the Brazilian economy and many others thinks! I have one link in this site about many things that the people can not imagine, about my country! We produce airplanes in Brazil (EMBRAER), exported for countries of the "first world", and I believe nobody here can imagine! You can read interesting things in the link "About Brazil".

There you can read thinks like the following, about, for example, aircraft industry:

... Did you Know?...

That a Brazilian, Santos Dumont, invented the airplane? 
That Embraer, the Brazilian Aeronautical Corporation, has sold 4,959 aircraft in its 27 years of existence? 
That Brazil is the world's third biggest manufacturer of regional service and training aircraft? 
That Embraer sells jets and turbo-propeller aircraft to First World countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, China and Sweden? 
That Embraer is the world's fourth biggest manufacturer of commercial aircraft? 

Surprised?... It's so!!!

Folks, now I must stop writing because I need to edit my last commentary also in Portuguese! And we have only 5 days in Donauwörth, then we will travel to Plattling, to stay for one week in Stefan's mother house. We decided to go by train, because connections are not the best, very much stress (I lost one flight in my last travel, when I was coming to Germany... oh, terrible!!!)

And once more... my special greetings to all our friends in Germany, and particularly to KH and Peter!

Concerning my site, it's possible that I will change my address to one page's server here in Germany, I already have my account, but I will decide after the holidays!!! And if I will change my URL, I will communicate all you and also redirect my site.

Then... see you in September (one name of one old film... laughs ...)!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... I almost forget: we will try to bring Tico, my cat, to Deutschland!"He" is like my son, and will complete 15 years in September 12th !!!


Um grande abraco (one great hug) and beijos, and again... Tchuess, Ciao, bis zurück!!!



Verinha Rodrigues-Rath  



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