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Donauwörth, 25 March 2002 - (01:05 PM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 5 hours) 
Last Update: 04/04/02, às 01:40 AM


And how are you, everything OK?

Folks, I’ve been so tired lately, that I have my biological clock completely deregulated. I have gone to bed very late so Verinha is here at this moment very sleepy….zzzzzzzzzzz

Spring started here in Germany on March 20th and in these last two days (23th and 24th) we had a little snow and very low temperatures because of a cold wind coming from Norway and Denmark. So I believe the wintertime always gives us its last “hello” before letting spring come!

So tell me folks, did you enjoy this page background? I always put them in my e-mails and the next new things are: textures at GIFs page besides new and cute small pictures! I have also more MIDIs for you, including Spanish and Italian songs, boleros, tangos and so on!!! I am not sure if you know, but I am a great “composer” of MIDIs…. (laughs) 

Well, my great passion in this site is still the part called Nostalgia. Now I have already created a third page of it, and I believe it is easier to navigate on it. And this last page (up to now) I dedicate to my parents ( my dad is not among us anymore ) and you will be able to see pictures of my mother Maria Emília , one of the most beautiful women in the world, at her youth time. I am her greatest fan! (laughs).

Talking seriously people... today I will not write much because I have a terrible headache...

I have many ideas: To innovate the informatics pages which were written more than a year ago and remain actual but they can be improved, and I will also create some new things, of course!

And from now on my friend and also a member of this site, Patrícia, offered to collaborate also as a translator ( she is a translator and an English teacher besides other activities as you can check at ABOUT US). The text that is at Nostalgia front page, which I wrote with my handwriting, now has an English version that was done by Patrícia with her professionalism and care! 

Folks, I will stop now, I am exhausted. It is possible that I will improve my commentary during the week, but that is all for now. You know, there is no creativity that can persist throughout many nights without a good sleep… 
And sorry in advance for any mistakes that you may find ( I only see them when the page is already in the air, I swear that today I won’t correct them!!!)

Below there is a sentence of my own for you to think about it: 
Everybody in the world is crazy, but some people know how to disguise better than others” . 
I am going to put this sentence in a very special place … probably at Anarchic-chaotic page!!!

Sorry everybody, that I am so succinct today… (laughs) but is just physical tiredness...

So, that’s all for now…if the idea hits me I will put some more things or I will write another commentary. In addition, from now on we will have the commentary in English too. Now it is not synchronized with the Portuguese version, but I will talk to my special consultant of the English language, and we will work this out very soon!

Specially for you, my sincere Brazilian greetings! From Stefan too!!!

Verinha Rodrigues-Rath


English Version elaborated by Patrícia Couto Abrantes.


Added "a posteriori": new textures available in DOWNLOADS GIFs!!!

And don't forget to see also the new GIF's pages, that contains so funny pictures, the same that I usually send by e-mails to my friends!

Today, April,4th: finally the pages about Roma (until now 3 beautiful pages) in which you will see the pictures of Stefan's travel to Italy and his "Liebling" Roma - the text is written by him. Go there, you will enjoy it, and also the music...  (laughs) You will find in Photos Album!!!

Right on time: I will travel alone to Brasil in the next weeks, for the first time since I came here. I will stay for some weeks to kill my "Sehnsucht" (saudades, Heimweh, homesick) of my country! But in next August I and my Stefan  will travel together !!!

TIME: On last March, 31, the "Sommerzeit" (daylight saving time) began in Europe, and it  will perdure until October, 27. Our clock's difference is now + 5 yours in Germany, concerning Brazil.



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