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Donauwörth, 11 April 2002 - (02:15 AM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 5 hours)
Last update: 22 April, 22:00

Hallooooooooooooooooo, great friend!!!!!!!!!

And how are you, everything OK?...  Then, folks, last times I improved so much  Bits & Bytes! And wait, because every day I have something new, and most times without “previous notice"... (laughs).... Without I find a time to add a supplement in this Commentary, you can already find many" surprises"!!! I confess that I am really an enthusiastic about this “wonderful” world of the computer science ( "enthusiastic" is a more beautiful word than "Internet addict"...) hahahahahahahahah

But, people, it is possible to you to build a home page without to be a little crazy, outside of the establishment ?... I think like this: this is an universe in which there are only 2 possibilities : or the person likes it very much or hate it in the same proportion! And it is a world in which you are always learning, the whole time... It is always possible to innovate, to explore new possibilities! It is only necessary to let emerge the creativity...  and perhaps for it we need to separate ourselves "a little" of the system, of the vicious circle (Teufelskreis) concerning  “the fight for our bread of every day".  Well, I am philosophizing too much... (laughs).... But then I ask you: is the creativity result of the “leisure time”?... I leave this subject to you think about… 

Concerning this page, I had an idea but it didn't function..... I wanted to put a different music for every time that you access the page Commentary, but... the problem is the compatibility with the Home Page’s music, that continues playing. I could link this page on another music, but the sound of “Bits & Bytes” also would continues playing.... bbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this because I created this anarchical way of opening the Commentary in new window... if I would put the" Diary" in a normal link, in the left lateral menu, there would not be problems!!!) 

Well, up to now I have a lot of innovations already implemented. In Photo Album, one more series - Una piccola storia d'Italia, with pictures of one of the trips that Stefan did with his pupils to Rome, and also with the text elaborated by him. I will still put more pictures and probably more pages, when my brother Dacio will return from his trip to Porto Seguro (Bahia - Brazil) and then he will send me more pictures of his trip to Italy (best explaining - at this time he went to travel to the northeast of Brazil, and because this, he doesn't have conditions to scanning the pictures of his trip to Europe some years ago to send me in order to I put here...).... phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puh!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

And I continue reformulating the pages, with new backgrounds, music, and new navigation's scheme. A page that I LOVED was the new opening for Photos Álbum... a little crazy, futuristic... (laughs).... Exactly like Verinha here!!! Then I want to know your opinion … 
If in one of these new pages I make an incommensurable nonsense, and you suddenly cannot to access some link, please, send me E-mail, inform me that I will fix as soon as possible!!! To “make mistakes” is the nature of the human being... But to recognize this is even more human !!!

There is  now also more pages of GIFs, ENORMOUS pages with textures, and more MIDIs in my  lovely  and chaotic page, that  is increasing more and more without any systematic arranging... And do you think an anarchist likes some kind of rules?  hahahahahahah... I am not at all totally anarchist, I also have my "right side". But I also like to "provoke" a little the persons ... (laughs).!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And, people, probably I will to go to Brazil at the beginning of May and stay there for 3 weeks!!! Unfortunately, my Stefan at the moment can not go, but with the help of God he will go with me in my next trip in August of this year!!! ... Well, when longing (saudades, Sehnsucht) comes, it comes very strong... And this year I will allow me the "luxury" of making two visits to my “loved, idolized fatherland, Brazil” (it’s one part of Brazil’s hymn: “ó Pátria amada, idolatrada….Brasil...”)!!! 


Maybe it is difficult somebody to imagine what is" homesick", unless he has gone by similar situation. On April 8 it completed one year that I am here in Deutschland, and in spite of liking very much here, to be quite attached to my Stefan
, and besides of having made "new friends", the longing begins to press more and more, people. You know, I am not speaking about this longing that hurt so much, that we normally feel at the beginning. But... only the idea of seeing the “terrinha” (lovely word for land) again, talking with the people in the streets, meeting again the friends and family, and if I imagine that I could speak my native language (Muttersprache) to anybody in the street... "Oi, meu, como vai? E como tao as coisas aí,tudo bem? Você vê que sol danado que tá fazendo... e a poluicao hoje tá braba!!!...” (trying to translate: Hi, friend, how are you? E about everything, tell me the news!!! You see how terrible is the hotness today, and the pollution of the air is very high...!!!) In other words, people: to speak trivialities, but to speak in my language, to speak in Portuguese, can you understanding me? 

I begin now to learn German little a little, I can already say that I speak a tolerable Deutsch"... (laughs).... Well, maybe I am minimizing a little my knowledge, but the truth is that I feel a great inhibition to speak, and now I begin to overcome. But the fact of learning German doesn't subtract the will of speaking Latin language, Portuguese!!! And it is not only the question of the language... It’s also friends, the family, “that whole world” that I knew during all my life!!!

Of course I would like to go with Stefan in the first trip... But into my heart
I guarantee that I will take him together with me (in my feeling)... And it will be only 3 weeks, I think it will be possible to survive... (laughs).... 
And following, a brief explanation on how to enhance the appearance of your e-mails. 


In spite of I have already published a matter about “how to put music in E-mails” (only in Portuguese), - and I think it’s one of the great success when I send my messages to the friends... (laughs)....) - as nobody reads it, I will add here a brief explanation: when you are writing the message, go to menu  "FORMAT, BACKGROUND, SOUND" (in German: Format, Hintergrund, Sound). It will open a window 

Ok, people, this image of Outlook Express is by German program, but choose the option “Reproduce continually” (in German: “Kontinuierlich abspielen”, an insignificant difference...)… (laughs)...
In the second window, choose the file type (Dateityp) as MIDI and find the folder in which you saved your favorite sound! 

After finding the file, it is only to press OK, OK, and ready!!! But it only functions in Outlook Express, MSN, hotmail or programs compatibles with Microsoft!!! And the fantastic is when the person opens the mail, and the sound begins to play automatically, as if would be a miracle, a paranormal phenomenon, something like that... ahahahahahahah 

ah, important: at first it is necessary that you have already MIDI files, in order to send them. Choose yours in my link MIDIs Downloads. It has a lot of things that you can “fish” there!!!!!!!!!!!!! (laughs)..... 

And if you want to put a personalized background (you can find several in GIF’s Downloads - Textures), the initial sequence is the same, "Format - Background – Picture" (in German menu: Format – Hintergrund – Bild) - and it will appear the window that allows you to search the file. It is even more easy in this case, because it is not necessary to choose the “file type” nor the “reproduction way”. Understood? Very well!!! No? ... then I will explain in one next time, I am tired to write.... ahahahahahahahahah

Well, in general... the temperature is pleasant
here in Don, a lot of sun, during the day has been doing more than 15 degrees - could also be about 18, I think (and today it is cloudy, 10 centigrade degrees... “an anomalous day” if compared to the last ones). 
And, people, at moment is all…. I am hungry, I will prepare something to eat... I think about my “daily ravioli”.... ahahahahahahah... Did you already see anybody in Germany that only eat pasta and sandwiches??????? 


Ok, I didn't find a ravioli’s GIF, but it functions the same... ahahahahahahah (but my GIF doesn’t has vapour... snif, snif...) 
And for today it is all, if I will publish something new, I will put a supplement to the page’s end and the updating date in the page’s top!!! 
And like always, specially for you one "Brazilian hug" with "slaps" in the back with of a strong handshake!!! And of course, from Stefan also! 

Verinha Rodrigues-Rath

Right on time: My travel to Brazil is confirmed. I already bought the tickets and I will arrive in Sao Paulo on 5th May, 5:00 AM, and I will stay there until 25th , when I will departure back to Germany, leaving Guarulhos at 22:25. Folks, it is a great happiness, but I confess that my heart pains a little when I think about leaving my dear Stefan alone for a while... But it will be only during 3 weeks, and we will stay in contact by mails and telephone, and the most important: very close to one another in our hearts.

...and wait for new GIFs files, besides the 19 pages already published - I am working for this! Also I will put here one new "package" of German songs (MIDI format), specially the typical POLKA!!!  ATTENTION!!! READ BELOW

Right on time: you can already access the new  GIFs e MIDIs, I put here since last weekend! There are   more 5 pages  with cute pictures (DOWNLOADs GIFs) and the folk German songs are in the MIDI's page, with a new total crazy  Lay-Out!!!

PS: Excuse me for some errors of typing, I wrote this English Version in a hurry, using the help of one Translator program, and it's possible that you will find several mistakes. I elaborated it by myself, because our translator, Patricia Couto Abrantes, at moment is occupied with many others important and irremissible activities. But as soon as possible, she will continue translating the texts to Bits & Bytes - and also writing her articles.


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