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Donauwörth, 16 March 2003 - (21:00 PM -  time of Europe = Brasília's clock + 4 hours) 

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Olá, dear !!!

How are you? I am writing only to say excuse me! Last times I didn't have time to update this English version of my diary!!! It was in a link in the right frame, and now I change to left menu, because many people only look to the left side, and then... never could perceive my diary!!!

Try to read the Portuguese version (always updated), I know, you can not understand the language, but there is many animations and photos also (besides midis)!!! Here I will modify many things, I am changing all the pages of my website!

I have many things to say, but now is very late in Germany, and I am tired... If you like MIDI files, go to my 4 pages of MIDIS!!! There you can copy many music: blues, country, German polkas, Beatles, Cuban music, Italian and French songs, boleros, tangos, fados (Portuguese music) and so on!!!

In PHOTO ALBUM, you can see many, many photos of Brazil, Germany, remembrances of childhood's times, and crazy thinks, including THE SHOES OF AN ANARCHIST... (Photographer Stefan; owner of the shoes: Verinha) ... (laughs) ...

If you like ANIMATED GIFS, you can copy several of this pictures in my GIFS COLLECTION. Till now, I have 31 pages!!!

And I will put here a link to a new page, not ready, like a draft (the text is in Portuguese, but I think doesn't matter... laughs...):


 Well... I would have many others things to say, but unfortunately I am exhausted... In German, we say: KAPUTT!!! Ich bin kaputt und muede... I am tired and exhausted (broken)...


Then, I will sleep, and when I will have time, I will come back in the same BAT CHANNEL... (we say in Brazil, like a joke, refering to Batman!!!)

Then... entonces... dann... então...



A strong Brazilian hug!!!!!!!!!!! ABRAÇOS E BEIJOS!!!


                    Verinha Rodrigues-Rath  


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